Toy With Me Tuesday- Stockroom 24″ Suede Flogger, Review by Big D

BDSM, kink, stockroom, flogger, bondageFor many people the mere sight of a flogger can be quite intimidating. Even those who consider themselves experienced in kink may look at the flogger as an incredibly painful device that they’d prefer to steer clear from. The sheer size, about 3 feet long including the handle, seems a bit cumbersome. The real focus is on the eighteen 2-foot long suede lashes with a triangular tip. I admit, even my own description makes this flogger seem overwhelmingly painful. However, here is the important distinction between a flogger with thick lashes and devices like whips or crops, the flogger is an “impact toy.” An impact toy gives more of a “thud” sensation than a sharp piercing and stinging sensation. Keep in mind that there are floggers with braided leather lashes or thin strips of leather that will give the stinging and piercing sensation, however this review is for the suede flogger with thicker lashes. While this flogger can give a very intense sensation, it will feel more like someone is pushing you with their whole body.

What’s nice about this particular flogger is that because it is made of soft suede you can lightly caress your partners’ ass or back before, in between or after floggings. I highly recommend doing this because bringing about such varying sensations such as a soft caress to an intense thud can keep your partner excited and make them delightfully anticipate more.

Just as I had suggested alternating between swinging the flogger hard against you partner and slowly caressing them with the soft suede, it is also a good idea to touch and/or caress your partner as you are hitting them with the flogger. This will reassure them that they are in a safe and trusted space. And of course, make sure to agree upon a “safeword” before you start so that your partner has a word they can say that requires you to stop whatever you are doing for any reason.

What didn’t work for me so much with this product was the lack o

f a weighted handle. Preferably the handle of the flogger would be heavier right at the end. Why is this important? By having a weighted handle you are given proper leverage to increase the intensity of your hits without having to exert too much force. Another advantage to a weighted handle is when you are swinging the flogger, the weighted handle ensures a balanced swing. That is, the impact of the flogger will hit exactly where you have aimed. Without a weighted handle, the handle may move around too much as you are swinging the flogger.

The tails are made of black suede, which offers a nice soft sensation when lightly caressed across the body, but can also give off a powerful thud sensation when hit hard with all the tails. The handle is made of black leather. There is a chance of blood coming in contact with the suede tails, this is why it is not suggested to use such a flogger for multiple partners. The use of leather cleaner is highly debated as a proper way of cleaning blood off of suede. You can avoid the blood conundrum all together by keeping yourself in check during the flogging scene and not hitting your partner too hard or rapidly.

Overall, I would recommend this flogger to customers who are interested in experiencing new and different areas of kink, including impact play and general sensation play.

About the Author: vipsales