Toy With Me Tuesday- Massage Oil Comparison Study, by Honey & Fire

My back was achey one night at VIP and I couldn’t help but gaze at the massasge oils all night and imagine getting a nice deep tissue massage. I played with the testers and decided to take out the Healing Blend by Kama Sutra, Naked in the Woods by Earthly body, the Apple Cinnamon flavored oil by Making Love, and the Oriental silicone massage gel by Eros.


First I decided to try our the the Healing Blend by Kama Sutra because it was my favorite scent of them all. It had a blend of aromas such as calming lavender, cardamom, nutmeg, juniper, and rosemary. Just opening the bottle lifted my spirits, as aromatherapy is extremely effective at positively impacting my mood and boy, did this do the trick! Very slick, this oil felt amazing and only a little was needed to go a long way. After about 5 minutes it needed to be reapplied and at the end of my massage, the oil had soaked into my skin and moisturized it, leaving my skin soft and smelling amazing and it left my mood high in the clouds! My only complaint is that the ingredients are not as simple as some of the other oils. I like to be able to pronounce the names of ingredients and know what they are before I consume them or leave them to be absorbed by my body. I do know that most people are not as meticulous as me about staying healthy but if they are, they might want to try the next oil I discuss- Naked in the Woods by Earthy Body.
I give this oil a 8.5/10

Naked in the Woods by Earthly Body is my second favorite scent but my first choice when it comes to favorites. The ingredient list is simple, everything is pronounceable, and it’s very healthy! Apricot oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, hemp-seed oil, vitamin E, and Rosemary are the only ingredients!!! It smells great, is very good for your skin, and it lasts a similar amount of time as the Kama Sutra oil. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in hemp products, body friendly products, or anything that just smells REALLY good!
This one is a 9.5/10 for me…If they made one that smells like th Healing Blend, I’d give it 10/10

The 3rd one I decided to try was the Cinnamon-apple flavor by Making Love. I really wanted a lickable massage oil and this was the least gross-smelling/tasting out of the available flavors. It has mostly good ingredients but one to watch out for is Propylene Glycol and also hydroquinone(which is banned in some countries due to toxicity!!). Definitely not something for a person who cares about ingredients! I thought this one would be a lot of fun but I ended up not really liking how I smelled afterwards and the taste was to glyceriney which I should have expected….oh well.
I give this one a 4/10

The last one that I decided to try was the Oriental silicone massage gel by Eros! It smells kinda like marshmallows and it does have a very strong aroma. I really liked the way the silicone felt but I was surprised that it was absorbed into my skin almost as fast as the first two massage oils! I figured that it would last longer because silicone isn’t supposed to be absorbed by the skin but I was wrong! The ingredients list is very small and I wonder if it could be used as lube. My only concern is that the fragrance might be irritating and I honestly didn’t care enough to make myself the guinea pig. A cool(but quite the opposite) aspect of this gel is that it has a warming effect if you create friction and blow which feels really nice. My overall opinion of this is that is smells kind of obnoxious, it feels really good, and I’m not super impressed or in love with the ingredient list.
I give this massage gel a 6.5/10

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